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What is Power Factor (pf)?

Power Factor is an index used to measure the efficient use of electricity. this index is measured on a range of 0 - 1.

A high power factor index (e.g. above 0.85) indicates an efficient level of electricity usage.
On the other hand, a low Power Factor index (e.g. under 0.85) shows an inefficient use of electricity, indicating electricity wastage.

Why you need to maintain a high Power Factor?

A high Power Factor index gives the following benefits:

1. No additional charges in monthly electricity bill as there is no Power Factor surcharge.
2. Extends the lifespan of electrical appliances.
3. Reduces electricity wastage for electrical installations at customers' premisses.
4. Conserves the environment by lowering fuel usage and helps the country reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Customers are encouraged to consustently maintain a high Power Factor index (above 0.85). A power Factor Surcharge will be imposed on Power Factor indx below 0.85

Take these steps to improve Power Factor

1. Install equipment that can improve Power Factor, such as a Capacitor Bank.
2. Avoid operating motor-based electrical appliances without load or below the load recommended by manufacturers.
3. Use motor-based electrical appliances with a high Power Factor.
4. Use motor-based electrical appliances that are SIRIM-certified and have energy efficient labels.

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