Ahad, 7 Februari 2010

S.E.H Malaysia Group Internship Program

S.E.H Malaysia Group offered the internship program.
Listed at below, the participant will exposure the items.
Project Management
Interpersonal Skills
Team Work
Problem Solving Tools
Test Procedures
Technical Report Writing
In-House Training

Interns will be attached to various Departments such as Process Engineering, Quality Control, Material Characterization, Maintenance, Safety & Environment, etc.
The internship program generally expands for at least 10 weeks.

For further enquiries:
S.E.H Malaysia Group
Human Resource Management (Industrial Training)
Lot 2, Lorong Enggang 35,
Ulu Klang Free Trade Zone,
54200 Selangor Darul Ehsan

Fax: 603-4257 5751
Email: webmaster@sehmy.com

S.E.H Malaysia Group

Thanks for this company for their effort to provide this program at their company.

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  1. intern je ke?kije kosong tade?hehe

  2. x sure le..nie pn terjumpa mase cari info utk peluang2 kerja or anything yg sesuai utk student utem yg final year nie...